How we partner.

Innovation and Transformation Services

We believe that true and meaningful shifts in practice are achieved with a transformational approach to professional development that considers the whole person, including their beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being (the 3B’s).

All of our services are designed in alignment with this core belief and our framework for sustainable change.

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Testimonials from our partners

Number one is impact and outcome. Number two is the relationship as far as knowing the coach is invested in the school community… …We have a partnership where we’re working it all together. I see that happening. It would feel like there’s a void if we did not have Educate because you are part of the fabric now.”


How we help our partners

Q492 MAST HS: Town Hall redesign

Educate supported the school to redesign their student Town Halls by bringing together a team of students, teachers and leaders and engaging in a design thinking process. Over the course of several meetings, the design team developed empathy maps, brainstormed solutions, converged around an idea, and built a prototype. It led to the creation of student data binders and a revamped Town Hall structure that focused on supporting self-awareness and building metacognitive learning behaviors.

JHS8Q Richard S Grossley: Scholar focus groups

Educate partnered with the school to assemble a group of students, educators, parents and leaders to better understand what students were experiencing during remote and hybrid learning and to generate solutions based on their pain points. We also analyzed the root cause of the problems. The journey led to a community voting session which determined that the school needed to focus more on SEL initiatives to meet the needs of the students. Here is a video of students presenting this team’s work and the solutions they agreed to implement.

D28 district goals setting

Educate partnered with Cedric Hall, Director of Equity and Culture at D28 Community Schools to utilize design thinking to engage in target state thinking around their district goals, develop a value proposition that is responsive to the needs of the community while encouraging divergent thinking and brainstorming, and prototype a set of strategic solutions that would guide the district-vendor partnership. We employ a similar planning approach with any new community partnership.

Pathway 1

Human-Centered Design for Teaching and Learning.

As a team of transformational coaches at heart, we strive to ensure that the delivery of these services will feel human-centered and meaningful, touching your community in ways it needs more right now.

Pathway 2

Design your way and build powerful and equitable learning practices.

Work with Educate through a series of design workshops and coaching to navigate change & transformation. Build schools that can be responsive and agile while meeting the needs of various stakeholders.