Community Building

We believe that communities spark meaningful change and can support you in increasing collaboration and building collective efficacy. We help schools to integrate community-building into their ongoing practices.

Why Community Building?

  • Participating in a shared learning space with agreed-upon norms has been proven to promote resilience, cohesion, and tolerance among community members.  


Our Approach


  • We offer three types of community building services: Problems of Practice (PoP), In-Person/Virtual Caregiver Workshops, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).   
  • We conduct Probelms of Practice cycles to support teams in engaging in meaningful inquiry around a complex challenge and develop actionable solutions as a result of learning, experimenting, and analyzing data.

  • Our Caregiver Workshops can be delivered to caregivers and/or teachers and are meant to support them in building bridges between school and home.


    What Our Partners Are Saying About Community Building


    Allika Thompson-Young, School Leader of Q492 Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School in Queens, NY, shares her experience working with Educate coach, Kyle Liao, to integrate Problems of Practice teams.  

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