AI Vision & Roadmap

AI & Education

We all strive to create responsive and engaging schools so that all students can thrive, find joy in learning, and develop future readiness. For decades, educators have been chasing the formulas to make this happen. Not enough time and too many demands have often gotten in the way. AI’s ability to accelerate and support personalized and self-directed learning pathways makes this a real possibility (Yu, 2024).
We can take these efforts further and develop an integrated process for adopting and using AI  that, as the Department of Education calls for in their Report on AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning (2023), keeps humans in the loop and puts educators at the center, so that they can keep students in the center.

According to EdWeek Spotlight (2023), teachers already use AI to:

Curiosity: The antidote to fear

We understand that change and innovation is often accompanied by fear. School communities are approaching AI integration in a variety of ways. What we’ve noticed is that not knowing how to choose your path forward can lead to hesitation and sometimes even resistance. We had similar concerns and decided the best approach was to cultivate a healthy mindset of curiosity and ask the questions!

Will AI promote bias and misinformation?

Misinformation and bias remains a challenge, especially in the digital space. The ease at which we can access information makes it even more essential for our students to be practicing the critical thinking skills behind discerning accurate information and vetting resources. We recommend continuing this learning in parallel with AI integration.

How can AI help me individualize learning?

We have noticed a trend of efficiency, in the AI tools that educators are most excited about. One thing we have learned is that the more information you have (not just test scores!) about a student and the more you provide the AI, the better it will help you to individualize learning. In others words, the more you give, the more you get. So stay curious about your students!

How can I ensure my students aren't using AI to cheat?

This idea of students using digital resources to support practices such as plagarism isn’t a new concern. At Educate, we would challenge you to think about where this fits within the larger picture of authentic assessment. Rethinking your assessment practices to include more opportunities for application and problem solving will support deeper thinking and learning and eventually make plagiarism obsolete.

Will the role of the teacher change with the integration of AI into teaching and learning?

The beauty of leveraging AI in the education space is that, when used effectively, it can support the efficiency of the more task-oriented parts of teaching, potentially freeing up the teacher to focus more closely on human-centered parts of teaching. With this, teachers can work to cultivate strong relationships with students and create dynamic learning environments.

How do I ensure AI is integrated ethically and responsibly in my school community?

When setting goals to integrate new innovations, it’s essential to recognize their impact on all stakeholders within a school community and craft your vision as such. Reflecting on your vision, is AI being integrated in a way that keeps humans at the center? 

What do I need to do in order to better prepare my teachers and students for AI?

It can be hard to know how to get started. At Educate, we leverage our human-centered philosophy and often begin with a needs assessment which includes classroom visitations and interviews across sections of our community. (This is something we could do for you, too).

Our Approach

At Educate, we support people to reach their utmost potential and promote fair, inclusive educational systems by leveraging AI and centering the needs of students, educators, and team members. We achieve this by educating individuals about AI’s strengths and limitations, thoughtfully integrating AI tools into the learning process, and continuing to embody a transformational approach in our work and usage of AI. Our emphasis on human-centered AI prioritizes well-being, transparency, and data-driven choices.

We have found that combining transformational coaching and high-quality AI products when supporting our partners, results in an ability to transition from routine tasks to impactful actions, tailored learning journeys, and the enhancement of vital skills like critical thinking. This partnership between humans and AI not only conserves resources but also further enables an accessible, equitable and more meaningful educational experience.


A Comprehensive Pathway for intentional AI adoption

Educate offers a comprehensive pathway of services and products to support schools with AI’s intentional and transformative use. Our pathway leverages our unique strengths of Innovation and Transformational Coaching, and human-centered product development to help your community feel inspired and empowered to design, implement, and scale AI solutions that work with your community’s unique goals and needs.