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Our Team

Abigail Doheny

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am a reflective collaborator working towards student success. 

Akila Stanly

Head of Operations

In my role as the Head of Operations, I establish streamlined processes that foster accountability within each team, emphasizing efficiency and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Alexis Barnes

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am an Education Equity Advocate with Masterful Professional and Curriculum Development Skills.

Anitha Stanly

Project Manager

In my role as a Project Manager, I hold diverse responsibilities and driven by the passion of excellence, I am dedicated to making meaningful contributions to my Organization.

Anna Katsnelson

Head of human resources

In my role as a Head of Human Resources, I am always looking for opportunities to learn and support others.

Alexandra Benjamin

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am a passionate educator that is deeply committed to supporting communities of learners to access all opportunities that help them realize their best selves. 

Elaine Avinoam

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am someone who teachers feel comfortable talking to. I’m an ear, a shoulder, a library of content and strategies.

Emily Duball


In my roles as a Partnership Specialist, I lead with curiosity and empathy. I am a team mate, a question-asker, a relationship-builder.

Kena Culver

Innovation and Transformation Coach

Originally from New Jersey and now living in Georgia, Kena has taught ELA from elementary through high school levels. In addition to teaching, Kena has served in school administration roles both in NJ and in GA.

Krishna Raj


In my role in the Operations team I help to ensure the smooth working of Educate’s systems and processes

Kyle Liao


Across the roles I serve as a coach, coach manager, and organizational leader, I strive to unleash the talent and maximize the potential of the individuals and teams I work with.

Mike Kovitz

Innovation and Transformation Coach

At work I am a veteran coach who has been with Educate for about 15 years. My goal while at school is to help teachers integrate technology into their classroom’s while helping their students learn in in multiple ways.

Miriam Friedman

Innovation and Transformation Coach

There is a heartbeat of equity and transformation at the core of Educate’s work, which includes perpetual growth and embracing imperfection while improving the quality of our learning and enhancement our impact.

Nick Zaveri

Partnership Specialist

In my role as a Partnership Specialist, I am passionate about school transformation and leadership growth.

Patrice Fenton

Project Partner

In my role as a Project Partner, I am a human-centered strategist. As a servant leader and collectivist, I strive to lead with empathy as I serve as a support to others.

Paul Breda

Director of Educational Partnerships

In my role as sales director (Director of Educational Partnerships), I am responsible for growing our business and expanding school partnerships.

Moises Santos

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am looking to make an impact on lives. What drew me to Educate is the mission to elevate the consciousness and mindset of learners and teachers, as well as the inclusive culture and the power to push the boundaries of our minds to push a mission forward.

Lori Heisler

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as a consultant and coach, I’m driven by the belief that every child, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. I’m dedicated to creating positive, equitable, and inclusive spaces where everyone feels safe and celebrated for their unique identities and strengths.

Simone Sylvester

Innovation and transformation coach

I am a writer at heart who got my start in college at community newspapers, namely the Hunts Point Express in The Bronx, NY. Teaching students the power of words, literature, and poetry has been the highlight of my career.

Shanta Rhodes

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I’m a trusted advisor and collaborative partner, delivering high-impact solutions and services that propel individuals and organizations to success.

Patricia Marin

development partner

Across the roles I serve as a Development Partner and a Senior Leadership Team member, I commit to living our values and modeling my vulnerability as a leader to promote others to take the risks needed to succeed, fail and learn.

Poonam Mascarenhas

Senior Operations and Invoicing Specialist

As Senior Operations and Invoicing Specialist, I contribute to identifying areas where operations and the invoicing processes can be improved, implementing changes to streamline the systems, and increasing the efficiency of our workflows.

Reginald Richardson

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I strive to be a collaborative, empathetic, inclusive, curious, advocate of justice and equity who is continuously learning and growing.

Sharon Johnsen

Innovation and Transformation Coach

In my role as an Innovation and Transformation Coach, I am a teacher at heart and I love to see my students faces light up when something clicked and makes an actual difference.

Stacey Schultz


A seasoned and accomplished educator, Stacey combines a rich set of teaching skills with a contagious enthusiasm for learning. She believes in fostering equity in the classroom.

Luke Tani

Chief Financial Officer

I’m a hands-on Finance Professional and Strategic thought partner. A finance and operations professional with over 20 years of experience in financial forecasting, strategic planning, and business development. 

Robert Flanigan


Bob is a founding Partner of Educate LLC, which grew out of the idea that the combination of technology and strong instructional practice can drive schools to do a better job of educating students. 

Jacob Michelman


Dr. Jacob T. Michelman has been in education for over 22 years. He started as a high school math teacher in New Jersey. In 2006, Jacob Michelman became one of the youngest principals in New York City

Kelly Harte

Innovation and Transformation Coach

Kelly is an educator with over 30 years experience as a teacher, principal and district-level administrator. She is a learner, a listener and a relentless advocate for equity, continuous growth and innovation.

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Make a difference transforming education communities by breaking down systemic barriers of inequity and activating all learners.

There is a clear and urgent need for school communities to deliver more equitable outcomes for students, educators and families.

We are a collective and collaborative team that is committed to deeply engaging our partner communities to deliver the most transformative learning environments for all. Join us and let’s make a difference together.

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Strong organizational culture

Strong organizational culture

Our team and our culture is what powers us. Our culture is rooted in being an interdependent organization where you are trusted to manage your own experience while contributing to the success of the collective. 

Transformational impact

Transformational impact

As a member of our team, you will be part of a collective that is seeking to make transformational impact that disrupts the inequities and activates positive change for whole communities. Throughout your career with Educate you will be given the support and resources to leverage your unique strengths and skills.

Growth and Development

Growth and development

We believe in providing organizational wide learning opportunities as well as encourage individuals to create their own learning plans that support them in their personal and professional goals. We invest meaningfully in growth because growth drives greater performance, and we believe that everyone deserves an environment that provides sustained opportunities for growth.

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