How we do it.

Our framework for sustainable change in instruction

Educate partners with schools to become places where all learners can thrive and personal learning is possible.

Deeper Learning and Thinking

Student Agency & Individual Access

Supportive & Collaborative School Culture


More opportunities for creative and critical thinking will unleash the natural love of learning for all.

  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Authentic Learning
  • Co-Creation of Knowledge
  • Metacognition


Each student is provided with the supports they need to be able to access learning materials and create work that makes them feel proud.

  • Collaboration
  • Differentiation
  • Student Choice


Schools are hubs of community collaboration and encouragement.

  • Technology Integration
  • Collaborative School Community

The Innovation Spectrum

Read more about The Innovation Spectrum from Educate.

The Innovation Spectrum is Educate’s framework for supporting schools to build meaningful and equitable teaching and learning practices. The nine focus areas are codified from our research base and field experience.

The Outcomes

More information of the outcomes.

The Educate outcomes are the three major areas of impact that we seek to grow in our work so that students and teachers have the meaningful and relevant learning experiences they deserve. They are informed by our theoretical framework, which represent our overarching views on teaching and learning and the connected research. We support our schools to grow in these outcomes by focusing on areas of pedagogical practice in the Innovation Spectrum and other aligned frameworks.