Leadership Development

Our leadership development program is designed to help educational leaders develop the skills and capacities they need to drive school improvement and support student learning. 

Why Leadership Development?

Our world for the foreseeable future is one where change is rapid and constant; leadership actions will need to be quick yet thoughtful and responsive to ever-changing needs. The only way to prepare our schools and their communities is to prepare the school leaders in developing nimble, agile, empowered teams. What is needed is a determined focus on transformational, as well as instructional, leadership (Slade, S., & Gallagher, A. (2021, October 28). Transformational vs. Instructional Leadership. Which Is Better? Education Week). They are a different set of skills and attributes but, when developed constructively, help build teams that are prepared for learning, prepared to grow, and prepared for change.


    Our Approach

    Our leadership development program – consisting of chort instruction and individual coaching – is designed to help educational leaders develop the skills and capacities they need to drive school improvement and support student learning by building on: 

    • Clear instructional vision for what leaders want their students to achieve and how they will get there.
    • An ability to reflect, problem solve, and be creative
    • An openness to learn – to develop a growth mindset and a willingness to learn new things.
    • An ability to develop and align efforts toward common goals that impact student opportunities
    • Relationships that empower all members of the community to embrace and contribute to achieving a shared vision
    • Awareness of the value of resilience to persevere through challenges and setbacks.


    What Our Partners Are Saying About Leadership Development

     My engagement with the NY Visionary Leadership Program for High School Leaders program impacted me in that it made me a better leader. I became equipped with tools that I did not already have to positively impact my work and school community. It also gave me a network of fellow administrators to lean on and have the support of which has continued since my completion of the program.  

    I whole-heartily recommend this program to other leaders. They will not be disappointed.  

    — High School Principal


      A Case Study

      Dedicated educators strive to enhance teaching and learning, but the      method of change matters. This case reveals how Educate’s coaching    approach drives short-term shifts aligned with long-term vision. Coach Reggie collaborated with Principal Ms. Qualls to set near-term goals, leveraging metacognition. Their partnership fosters collaboration, overcomes isolation, and aligns practices for sustained growth.Strategies like number talks promote metacognitive skills, preparing students for inquiry-based learning.