Our AI Support.

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Let us help guide you through this time where “ethical stewardship, transparency, and accountability” (Yu, 2024, pg 3) must take center stage. At Educate, we are working to support schools to intentionally navigate the use of AI through our breakthrough AI pathway and the rollout of our new products.

Our AI Vision

At Educate, we support people to reach their utmost potential and promote fair, inclusive and fulfilling educational systems by leveraging AI and centering the needs of students, educators, and team members. We achieve this by educating individuals about AI’s strengths and limitations, thoughtfully integrating AI tools into the learning process, and continuing to embody a transformational approach in our work and usage of AI. Our emphasis on human-centered AI prioritizes well-being, transparency, and data-driven choices.

The results? As we use transformational coaching and high-quality AI products to support our partners, they are able to transition from routine tasks to impactful actions, tailored learning journeys, and the enhancement of vital skills like critical thinking. This approach not only conserves resources but also further enables an accessible, equitable and more meaningful educational experience.

AI Roadmap for Schools

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Educate offers a comprehensive pathway of services and products to support schools with AI’s intentional and transformative use. Our pathway leverages our unique strengths of Innovation and Transformational Coaching, and human-centered product development to help your community feel inspired and empowered to design, implement, and scale AI solutions that work with your community’s unique goals and needs.

Educate AI Coach

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The Educate AI Coach is your personalized learning companion designed to empower you and propel your impact. We’ve leveraged our 20 plus years of transformational coaching and technology integration experience to create an AI Coach that supports you to reach your goals. The Educate AI Coach is trained by our team of expert coaches to provide coaching and mentoring designed to cultivate a growth mindset and support strategic action taking.

Coming Soon....


Educate is partnering with Brave AI to develop a tool that will transform the value and use of your student data to allow you to fulfill the promise of individualizing instruction to meet unique student needs. This product will launch in Spring/Summer 2024.