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Educate AI Coach

AI coaching to support you on your professional development journey


The Educate AI Coach provides coaching and mentoring aligned to our transformational coaching practices that support educators to achieve their goals.

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Get coaching support that flexes your growth mindset anytime, anywhere

The Educate AI Coach is trained by our team of expert coaches to provide strengths-based coaching and mentoring designed to cultivate a growth mindset and support strategic action taking. The professional learning content and skills are aligned to our research-backed Innovation Spectrum framework for teaching and learning..

Features and Benefits

Goal setting: Set personalized goals around areas of teaching and learning that align to your personal and professional growth. Automatically track progress over time

Self-assessment: Gain insights about yourself and your professional practice through self-assessments

Daily chats: Experience AI-powered coaching and mentoring that is designed to help you reflect on your progress and challenges so that you can get un-stuck, build on your strengths, and discover new ways to support your students.

Transformational learning modules: Learning modules based off of Educate LLC’s content library provide just-in-time meaningful learning opportunities based on your reflections and needs.

Coach support: If you are working with an Educate LLC coach, your coach will be able to share gain insights into your learning to better support you during your working sessions together.


Curated learning delivered on-demand

As a powerful learning companion, the Educate AI Coach provides just-in-time suggested learnings based on your responses and challenges so you are getting what you need, right when you need it.

Educator Stories

Listen to how our client schools are thinking about and using AI and AI Coaching in their classrooms.

Mr. Borwick, The St. Benedict School of Auburndale, TN

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