Who we are.

Our Impact

At Educate, our innovation & transformation coaches help teachers become more self-aware of their identity and beliefs around student learning.

We customize our approach based on your school’s specific needs and work regularly with teachers at the point of instruction. Our coaches continuously support leaders to implement pedagogical practices schoolwide that promote access and equity.

Educate - Our Story

Our Story

Founding partners Frank Hardart and Robert Flanigan didn’t set out to start a company—they just wanted to give students the best education they could get.

Frank worked at a kid-centered dot-com, Bob was an investment banker, and they both sat on an advisory board for inner-city Catholic schools. Aiming to uplift struggling schools, they noted that while classrooms were equipped with expensive technology, teachers weren’t equipped to use it.

Educate's DNA

Educate’s DNA

In our DNA is our mission, our vision, our values and our purpose.

Our mission is to transform learning so that our partner communities can give learners the meaningful and relevant learning experiences they deserve.

We’re here to help

Effortlessly create the best service package for your school’s unique needs. Let one of our coaches support you in defining and working towards a vision for your school community.

Our Team

Here’s an intro to some of our Senior Leadership Team.

Kyle Liao

Innovation and Transformation Coach

Stacey Schultz


Akila Stanly


Patricia Marin


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