EdTech: Teacher Tested, Student Approved

An Enthusiastic Introduction

“This is going to be so cool! Just wait.”


“Well, what do you think?! Isn’t this neat?!” The students remain silent, looking nervously to see the reaction of their peers. Finally, they breathe a sigh of relief as one speaks up to voice what everyone else is thinking. “Is this it?”

I’ll admit that I’ve been there. I’ve experienced that very situation, when I was sure I had chosen an edtech tool that my kids would love, only to be met with unimpressed shrugs. Not only was it disheartening for me as a teacher, but it was hard to come back from, too. I had to start from scratch again and rethink my entire plan and who has time for that?

Interactive boards can be a great tool when used to their full extent. This Kindergartener practices sequencing during a station activity.


Back to the Drawing Board

In hopes of saving you from the same scenario, Educate’s intern, Saaif Ahmed, has shared his opinion about a few tools. This particular list primarily showcases tools for upper-grade students (Middle and High School) and includes a brief description of how they may benefit students. He speaks from his own experience with the tools and notes which subject areas they may be utilized most appropriately.

Click here to access Saaif’s collection of tools.

Are you looking for more of a wide-range list of tools? Then you’re in luck. During one of our monthly meetups, the members of the Innovative Teaching Co-op (an educator community hosted by Educate) spent some time discussing the multitude of edtech tools available. It seems they are coming out with something new everyday, so how can educators make an informed decision and choose the best for their students?

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