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CS First Clubs: A Success Story from the Lab

The Future is Here Did you hear about the first artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor in China? It can mimic facial expressions, has a voice with intonation of a human anchor, and can broadcast the news all day long. It doesn’t collect an income or take breaks. In fact, it will probably generate income for the company. As […]

Setting a Positive Classroom Culture

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” – Maya Angelou How do you want your students to feel when they enter your classroom? Is your classroom a place where they feel supported to meet their goals and […]

Google Sites for Authentic Assessment

The Challenge Ms. Kane, a 9th grade English teacher at Notre Dame School in Manhattan, understands the importance of authentic learning experiences for her students. She thinks outside the box, pushing her students to gain a comprehensive understanding of concepts. Recently, she took her students to visit The Dinner Party installation at the Brooklyn Museum, a feminist […]

Educate Impacts Student Life

How many students experience a first day of school where they walk in excited, but leave utterly confused? Every year, hundreds of schools implement new software and expect us to master the programs. Their intentions are great and, if implemented  correctly, those tools serve to better the classroom experience. However, this is not always the case; in […]

Embracing Failure in the Classroom Setting

Until you make a mistake, you won’t know it’s a mistake.   It was my first year teaching Science. I had covered everything my 4th graders could possibly need to know for the New York State 4th grade Science test, or so I thought. While grading the test, I noticed a question about states of matter, one […]

Flip the Music Classroom with YouTube Videos

The Challenge Mr. Chung is a music teacher at University Neighborhood High School in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. On average, he has more than thirty students per class period, making it virtually impossible for all of them to watch him playing instruments up close. Anyone who has learned to play an instrument knows how important […]

Podcasting: Empowering Students to Share Learning Beyond the Classroom

This guest blog was written by Nasrin Jafari and also published on her website. Our students are more opinionated and informed about the world than any generation before them. Modern pop culture, technological advancement, and rapidly changing social norms have continuously given our students more opportunities outside the classroom for self-expression and connection with the world around […]

Principal as Coach: Effective Questioning Techniques

The Advice Monster As school leaders, we have a tendency to use our own experience as a form of teaching. When approached by a colleague with a situation, our immediate response is to make suggestions, based on our background. The underlying theory is that if the solution worked for us, why can’t it work for […]

Proactive Classroom Management

“I want to be better at classroom management.” A familiar thought for many teachers at the start of each school year (including myself). So, what does it take? Rather than being reactive, classroom management systems must be proactive. They exist in order to teach students how to function within the classroom space. Why? Children thrive […]