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Challenges we have supported schools with

In our partnerships with schools, we’ve addressed diverse challenges, such as transforming mathematics differentiation and enhancing strategies for supporting English as a New Language (ENL) students. Additionally, we’ve promoted cultural responsiveness and amplified student voices through various initiatives. Click on the cards to the right to explore some of the challenges we’ve addressed in our school partnerships.

How can we help educators develop their planning practices so that they are effectively differentiating their lessons for students?

Over the course of a single calendar year, EWSA transformed their approach to differentiation in mathematics. Teachers developed an asset-based mindset towards learning needs and differences, allowing for more creative problem-solving and forward planning. By leveraging teacher leadership and collaboration within the math department, Miriam, our Educate coach, was able to co-develop a streamlined curriculum-aligned planning structure to support teachers in centering individual student needs, and surfacing potential problems and solutions of practice as a team. This structure improved both teacher preparation for differentiation and ICT collaboration overall, and later became a standard across all departments in the school – driving differentiated planning for the entire school community.

How can we ensure that general education teachers are equipped to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs)?

Facing a similar challenge to many other school communities, the faculty at Rockaway Collegiate High School in Queens is realizing that the strategies they leaned on in the past are no longer meeting the needs of their shifting ENL student population. Recognizing the expertise within the building, the school leader decided to partner with Educate on building internal capacity. Our coach, Dr. Kena Culver, is working closely with an ENL teacher to co-create inquiry-based cycles and professional development to better equip her colleagues with best practices and new strategies. The partnership allows for internal leadership development and true collaboration between members of the community.

How can educators develop culturally responsive teaching practices that increase access to deep, meaningful learning for more students?

At the Jamaica Gateway to the Science high school in Queens, diverse services were provided to support educators to better understand culturally responsive teaching and make instructional commitments. We conducted a Needs Assessment to help the school better understand their current teaching practices and where the opportunities are to increase cultural responsiveness, led multiple workshops on CRSE and how to support specific populations including ELLs, and provided leadership coaching to their equity and culture team to support them to build a culture of trust and collaboration at the school around cultural responsive practices.

How can we increase student voice in a school so that the initiatives taken are reflective of their needs?

At New Prep Middle School in Queens, student voice has been increased in diverse ways as a result of their partnership with Educate. In the Fall of 2020 as it became clear that students were experiencing academic and social challenges while engaging in remote learning our coach Kyle Liao led a diverse school team of teachers, students and parents on a design journey to better understand the challenges that students were having and to design responsive solutions that were presented to the staff for implementation. The school also started an equity team and we have been providing leadership coaching to the adult director of the team to support their ability to lead a student team and build strategic youth leadership skills.

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We are preparing to enter a new year in unprecedented times. We have plans for in-person, hybrid, and remote learning, but it’s impossible to predict the future. I am confident that we can navigate what is ahead, though. Our work with Educate has proven to us that we can innovate and grow and learn as a team as we seek to meet the needs of our students, providing the best possible experience for all.

Joey Arzuaga

Principal, George Westinghouse High School, Brooklyn North High Schools

What stands out about Educate is their special ability to differentiate between the unique needs of individual schools and teachers, whether they be novice or veteran. Educate coaches meet teachers where they are, rather than come in and say “This is what we’re going to do.” And they are able to model that same approach with students.


Icahn Charter School Network

This program has made me a better educator and leader who is ready to take on the challenges and lead our school in a world of ever-changing educational landscape.


Nicholas Corrado

Principal, All Hallows High School

Educate empowers my teachers to become risk-takers who try new practices while being supported by my Educate coach. I see real transformation happening in my classrooms!

Dr. Katianna Louissant

Principal , MS8 New Prep Middle School District 28, Queens

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