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  • Empower your teachers to engage students, improve achievement, and create vibrant learning environments.


Tap into your technology with today’s instructional best practices—Educate’s experienced coaches guide your teachers to improve and help your school achieve targeted goals.

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Schools invest in technology to transform education, but often fall short of realizing its full potential.

Facing shifting standards and evolving needs, it’s hard for teachers to find the time to master new tools and instructional strategies—yet it’s more important than ever.
That’s where Educate comes in. Our Instructional Technology Coaches work hand-in-hand with teachers to reach self-defined goals and elevate education.

Making a Difference

Thousands of teachers at hundreds of schools across the NYC metro area have improved achievement and inspired students with the help of Educate’s personalized coaching.

How We Help Schools

Strengthen your tech strategy and reach both school-wide and teacher-specific goals. Our coaches—all experienced teachers—provide weekly guidance to get you there.
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Who is Educate?

We’re a team of leaders and teachers-turned-coaches with a passion for enhancing education through technology and instructional strategies.
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